Building up to the day of the fights, each fighter will have some administration requirements that they are required to fulfil.


Health & Safety

  • Fighters are required to have Blood test results, declaring them free from HIV (p24 antigen and HIV 1+2 antibodies); Hep B (HBsAg) & C. These results must be dated no earlier than 1 year prior to the date of the fight and a copy of the original serology results needs to be received by FFFC at least 1 week before the official weighin
  • Fighters are required to pass a medical inspection by the event medics. Only fighters which are declared fit and able to fight will be elligible to compete.
  • Fighters are required to bring their own mouthguard and cup/box (males). These are compulsory safety items.
  • Fighters must have trim nails and all piercings removed or adequately covered.
  • Fighters must bring appropriate fightwear attire, including suitable shorts and rashguard (optional).

Media Obligations

  • All fighters consent to media recordings and broadcasting or replay of the events on a range of different medium including television or video streaming.
  • Fighters are required to share fight promotion material relevant to their fight, across a range of social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.
  • Fighters are required to submit a profile photo suitable for marketing their fight
  • Fighters are required to blog about their camp building up to the fight, with at least one post per week across social media platforms. Content should include their camp / training, their match / opponent, or commentary on the overall event etc.
  • Fighters which meet all of their media obligations will receive a Full Force Fight Co. gear pack valued at $200.00


Weigh-in will take place the day before the tournament, at a venue to be determined by the organisers.