MMA Rules - Youth Tournament Week


The MMA division is designed to give the kids a chance to apply their knowledge of mixed martial arts in a friendly competition setting whilst reducing risk of injury. There are no head strikes permitted in this division. Matches start standing and will continue until either the time limit or a submission occurs.


Uniform Requirements

MMA shorts

Grappling rashguard


MMA Sparring Gloves (7 or 8oz)



Time Limits

  • Youth 3x 1.5 Minutes
  • Teens 3x 2 Minutes


Open Scoring

Winner of each round will be scored by the centre referee, at the end of the round. In cases where neither contestant gets a submission win, the winner of the fight will be determined by the best out of 3 rounds. 



No head contact in all divisions. Body contact only, and limited to punching / kicking techniques where the padded glove or shin gear make contact. No knees, elbows or hammerfists.

Youth & Novice Teens Divisions - limited contact level.

Advanced Teens - full body contact.



For the more advanced Youth, and the Teens divisions, submissions will also be allowed and will end the match..

Youth Restricted Submissions:

  • Guillotine
  • Neck cranks
  • Leg Locks

Teens Restricted Submissions:

  • Rotational Leg Locks