Sport Sambo Rules - Youth Tournament Week


The Sport Sambo division is designed to give the kids a chance to apply their takedown knowledge in a friendly competition setting whilst reducing risk of injury. There are no striking techniques permitted in this division. Matches start standing and will continue until either the time limit or a submission occurs.



Sambo Kurtka (Jacket + Shorts) OR BJJ Jacket and approved MMA shorts must be worn.

Sambo or Wrestling Boots optional.

Mouthguard is also recommended.


Time Limits

  • Youth 1x 4 Minute Round
  • Adults 1x 5 Minute Round



Control must be maintained for the athlete to be awarded the points. If the match runs to time, the athlete with the highest score wins. If an athlete submits their opponent or leads by 8 or more points, the match finishes.

  • Full takedown to back while remaining standing - 8 Points
  • Full takedown to back while dropping to knee or side - 4 points
  • Takedown to side while remaining standing - 4 points
  • Takedown to side while dropping to knee or side - 2 points
  • Legal submissions - armbar, figure four, straight footlock & kneebar
  • Ground control time (pin) - 2 or 4 points (10 sec, 20 sec)



Legal submissions are allowed at all levels and will end the match.