Wrestling Rules - Youth Tournament Week


The Wrestling division is designed to give the kids a chance to apply their knowledge of takedowns and freestyle wrestling in a friendly competition setting whilst reducing risk of injury. There are no striking techniques permitted in this division. Matches start standing and will continue until either:

A pin occurs

A competitor leads by 10 or more points

The time limit expires



Either a wrestling singlet or approved rashguard and shorts must be worn. Wrestling boots are optional.

Mouthguard is also recommended.


Time Limits

  • Youth 2x 3 Minute Periods
  • Teens 2x 3 Minute Periods



Control must be maintained for 3 seconds to be awarded the points. If the match runs to time, the athlete with the highest score wins.

  • Pin - Shoulder Blades to mat
  • Takedown with torso to mat - 2 points
  • Go-Behind from Turtle - 2 points
  • Tilt / Gut Wrench - 2 points
  • Opponent out of boudns - 1 point

Illegal Techniques

Throwing by the head only, or using a joint-lock is prohibited.